Law Practice Marketing

Doing billable work for paying clients is the crux of a successful legal practice. Finding those clients can be another job entirely. Small firms need a lean and diversified marketing strategy that delivers a high return on investment. While networking, “hustle,” and “face time” are important, they’re not enough in today’s competitive market.

An effective online footprint--an attractive, user-friendly website and social media presence--is crucial to generating clients and establishing a firm as a reputable and trustworthy provider of legal services. Building and maintaining a web presence isn’t enough, though--a good marketing strategy requires a plan to make the firm visible to potential clients and communicate that the firm can handle their legal needs.

Producing authoritative, relevant legal content is essential to a firm’s online marketing success. Search-engine optimization (pushing a website to the top of a potential client’s online search query’s results list) requires fresh, timely content that’s relevant to the firm’s service offerings. Further, in a sea of law firms, a well-written, regularly updated blog can help a small firm stand out and signal to potential clients that it is a well-informed subject matter expert.

Among the many tasks required to maintain a legal practice, researching and drafting legal marketing content can easily fall to the bottom of a busy practice’s to-do list. It doesn’t have to be that way. Lawgle can help.

With Lawgle,there’s no need for a small firm practitioner to spend valuable time researching and writing blog posts, web content, or client updates. Lawgle provides its clients with expert, up-to-date legal content keyed to their location and practice areas, written by experienced attorneys. Lawgle’s legal writers are experts at distilling complex legal ideas into readable, informative pieces that are easily understood by laypeople.

Lawgle clients can choose the regularity of their content updates. They can purchase a content plan that corresponds immediately to major changes or newsworthy legal events in their jurisdiction, or a monthly or quarterly update/roundup. The best part? Lawgle handles all of it--from research and drafting to publishing and promotion via selected social media platforms.

Legal content creation is just one of the ways Lawgle can help small firms direct more of their valuable time and attention to providing world-class client service and doing revenue-producing work. For more information visit the pages of this website.