What is Lawgle?

Your Very Own, One-of-a-Kind Attorney Website!

You Get the Website. We Do the Work. Here are the Details:

With a one-time startup fee of $700, plus $400 a month thereafter, Lawgle® is the most affordable and cost-effective attorney marketing solution ever devised. It’s also one of the most effortless.

Lawgle® Designs It, Builds It, Hosts It, Manages It, Supports It for You.

You get:

  • A professional, responsive, mobile-optimized website design that looks great and functions perfectly on all your devices: desktop, notebook, tablet, or phone.
  • Monthly performance reporting that shows just how well your website is attracting attention, engaging visitors, and drawing the clients you seek.
  • Local directory submissions as well as local citation monitoring and consulting – all handled by Lawgle® to ensure that your contact information is accurately represented in Google My Business, Bing Places, and other such listings.
  • Client feedback monitoring to help make your reputation management efforts more responsive.
  • The freedom to concentrate on the law, pursue a bigger caseload, and win more billable hours – while your Lawgle® website takes care of your marketing needs.
  • Ongoing technical support to keep your site at peak performance.


Lawgle® Writes It and Continually Updates Its Content for You.


  • Authoritative web pages and blogs describing the most sought-after legal services and general legal topics – all written in advance by Lawgle’s team of law professionals.
  • Content written specifically to promote your exclusive niche areas of legal practice in your geographic markets.
  • Bios of you and any other attorneys in your firm, each bio linked to pages describing that lawyer’s legal specialties.
  • Unlimited pages to further showcase your firm’s niche practice areas.
  • New content every month – including blogs, news, event notices, and web pages as you wish – to keep your site fresh, relevant, and always visible online.


Lawgle® Customizes It, Localizes It, Search Engine Optimizes It for You.

Result? You get FOUND by the clients you want, thanks to the work of our SEO experts, who:

· Write content that highlights your company name, your primary target location, and your local secondary markets – up to 20 of them, as applicable!

· Use our platform’s built-in SEO-oriented architecture to properly infuse content with the right number and positioning of keywords – the words and phrases people tend to type into search queries when they’re looking for legal information and legal services like yours.

· Focus content on your specific legal practice areas.

· Enhance local relevancy and authority by customizing your site with images you provide up front of your city, your offices, your staff, your logo/branding, etc.

· Make sure your Lawgle® site is linked to your social media pages for even greater online exposure.

Lawgle® Also Offers You Great Business Options!

Live Chat via Ngage®

Our partnership with Ngage® gives you the option of offering live chat online – which can generate more client leads and potentially double your conversions!


  • More than 5,000 law firms worldwide use Ngage® Live Chat and have seen their total website opportunities dramatically multiply.
  • Ngage Live Chat® ensures that your firm’s door is always open to new business, always generating leads and helping you turn more website visitors into clients.
  • Trained Ngage® operators chat with your visitors, determine the reason for their visit and the basic facts of their legal issue, gather contact information – then position your firm as a helpful resource in your market.
  • The information gathered is passed on to you in a summary transcript, allowing you to initiate contact anytime, 24/7.
  • With your authorization at signup, we’ll incorporate Ngage® Live Chat into your website for no extra fee.


Easy Access to LawPay®

Lawgle® and LawPay® have partnered to make the LawPay® payment solution an integral part of your website experience.


  • LawPay’s proven online payment technology helps law firms get paid more easily, more securely, and 39% faster than traditional payment methods!
  • LawPay® also guarantees that your firm accepts payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.
  • Your client funds are contractually protected by properly separating earned and unearned fees and restricting 3rd parties from debiting monies from an IOLTA account.
  • LawPay® is an approved member benefit of 48 state bars, trusted by more than 50,000 lawyers, and the only payment solution offered through the ABA Advantage program.
  • With your authorization at signup, we’ll connect your secure LawPay® payment page to your new website for no extra fee.


*LawPay Plan rates still apply.

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